In 1964, on the initiative of a handful of visionary and motivated people who wanted to promote sports activities for visually impaired people, the Cercle Sportif Ha. Vi. 2 Bruxelles was the second club to be founded in Belgium. The first two disciplines offered were swimming and athletics, which was a real challenge at the time.

Shortly afterwards, the ball sports torball and goallball, both from Germany, took off. It was only much later, in 1976, that the latter was definitively replaced by Goalball, created for the Toronto Paralympic Games. All these disciplines were punctuated annually by Belgian championships in which our club did not fail to participate actively and to distinguish itself by numerous titles.

Throughout these 50 years of existence, "Ha. Vi. 2 Bruxelles" is proud to have been able to field its Torball and Goalball teams at the European and World Championships, as well as at the Paralympic Games. Finally, many regional, national and international titles have been won by the high level athletes of our club. 

The Cercle Ha. Vi. 2 Bruxelles is happy to welcome any visually impaired or blind person who wishes to practice a sport for leisure or competition. The club is also open to all those who wish to take an active part in gymnastics. The adapted sessions are given by a specialized instructor.

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